Friday, 23 May 2014

Tourist Guides Ease Your Burdens While Visiting Kerala

Traveling across Kerala will be pleasing to every tourist only if they have sufficient time and know all tourist locations very well. In case if they do not know the locations and/or the way to them, how can t hey enjoy their trip to Kerala
For a foreign traveler, it is quite difficult to pick the top tourist spots as there are many and each of which are as important as others. So while planning to visit Kerala, it will thus be advisable for you to have a proper consultation with a reliable tourist guide to decide on the locations you need to visit.

The tourist guide who knows the land pretty well will make your tour more pleasing. He will not only help you handle the native language of Kerala (i.e. Malayalam) but also will tell you about the people, Kerala culture, art forms, festivals, etc. He will also be able to explain the historical importance of all historical sites.

It may not be a bad option to visit beaches or hill stations without the help of a tourist guide. But will you be able to understand the historical importance of a site when you are not having a guide? You may have to spend some additional money on tourist guides. When considering their help and service the amount which you pay will never be a loss.

All the more, there are many unexplored tourist locations in Kerala. These are not so popular but surely worth visiting. Without the help of a local tourist it will be quite impossible to explore these unexplored Tourist spots.

Kochu Kuttalam waterfalls in Pathanapuram can be an example of this. This waterfall is not so popular and you may not find it easy to reach the site. But once you reach, you will understand how suitable the site is for trekking and sight seeing. Won’t it be enough for you to receive aid from a tourist guide?

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