Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Munnar Turns Crowded With Tourists Again

 With the Monsoon season slightly keeping itself away from Munnar, the spot has become all the more beautiful and seems ‘decorated’ with snow-white mist that sours in the air. Though the mist prevents you to have a wider-view of the horizons, the land with a good number of streams, hills and valleys together looks like a beautiful and charming lady with whom anyone will fall in love.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Top five backwater destinations in Kerala

Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam
Sprawling green lands, mist covered hills and mountains, cool chilled water flowing streams, calm lakes, glorious historical monuments showing the past glory of Kerala, all these are a few prominent attractions of Kerala, the land popularly acclaimed as God’s own country. Apart from all these, the land has a number of backwaters too.

Backwaters in Kerala the spot for conducting various water sport events including Nehru Trophy boat race. You will also enjoy floating over the backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat, watching various tourist destinations that lie on its shores. Yes, there are things, monuments, museums and palaces, hills and mountains, and places for you to see in Kerala. Here we will see only those top five backwater destinations in Kerala.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Tourist Guides Ease Your Burdens While Visiting Kerala

Traveling across Kerala will be pleasing to every tourist only if they have sufficient time and know all tourist locations very well. In case if they do not know the locations and/or the way to them, how can t hey enjoy their trip to Kerala
For a foreign traveler, it is quite difficult to pick the top tourist spots as there are many and each of which are as important as others. So while planning to visit Kerala, it will thus be advisable for you to have a proper consultation with a reliable tourist guide to decide on the locations you need to visit.

The tourist guide who knows the land pretty well will make your tour more pleasing. He will not only help you handle the native language of Kerala (i.e. Malayalam) but also will tell you about the people, Kerala culture, art forms, festivals, etc. He will also be able to explain the historical importance of all historical sites.

Kerala Beaches and Hill Stations; Top Destinations in Kerala

Without any doubt, you will love and enjoy visiting Kerala, the land of coconut palms and green mountains. The land that is popularly known as God’s own country is doubtlessly a paradise for the tourists. Mountains and hills, rivers and streams, lakes and backwaters … the list has no end in Kerala.

It is doubtful whether anywhere else in the world that tourists will find so much of diverse destinations as in Kerala. While the vast number of rivers and streams make this small state in the southern corner of India an alluring charm, the lakes and backwaters sprawling across to a good area in the state attract thousands of tourists every day.